Ariel lives off grid in a tiny house (yes, one of those only 170 square feet and on wheels kind) in the western mountains of Wyoming. She enjoys splitting her own wood for heat, carrying water by hand, gardening, and cooking. She enjoys the stunning scenery and wildlife that she's surrounded by on a daily basis. As a child, Ariel was fortunate enough to be able to spend much of my free time exploring and playing in the woods. Little has changed now that she's older. Having moved to a place with a bigger woods and still enjoying spending time outside hiking, exploring, and photographing the natural world around her.

Photography fascinates her. She finds it almost like a time machine, allowing a fraction of a moment in time to be frozen and shared later with others. Things that only last seconds or less, like a rainbow, relationships between people, the sunrise or sunset light that is constantly changing, or those fleeting interactions with wild things. 

Ariel has spent nearly two decade photographing and observing the wildlife and nature around her. Her work has been published 1000's of times and appeared in Wyoming Wildlife Magazine, Tiny House Magazine, The Weather Channel,, Associated Newspapers Limited, United Press International, and others.